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 Laura with children

Laura with children


Cha Cha kissing child

Cha Cha kissing child
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Ryan with stuffed dog in cart at hospital

Ryan with stuffed dog in cart at hospital

Children are invited to come to Healing HEART Sanctuary, whenever possible, to help in the healing and rehab of the animals. The children usually have either mental, physical, emotional, and/or attitudinal challenges. Helping some other being get back on its feet can be the biggest step to getting yourself out of your own way and back on your own feet.

The children learn how to take care of the animals by feeding, cleaning, and brushing them. They help them with their therapies by encouraging the animals during therapy or by actually doing the therapy themselves, if appropriate.

Of course, let us not forget, the playing and cuddling with the animals, which is the best therapy of all!

Hearts open here, some that perhaps haven’t been open for a very long time. Animals will do that naturally; injured animals often just speed up the process.

The children learn love, compassion, confidence, responsibility, and, most importantly, that just because you may be different doesn’t mean that you are of any less value.

Healing HEART Sanctuary has worked with the Utah Department of Child and Family Services, the Southwest Center (Utah’s Mental Health Division), and various private at-risk teen facilities in the area.

One of the challenges Healing HEART Sanctuary has with its location in Kanab, Utah is the limited access to other organizations to collaborate with onsite. To that, we are creating various outreach programs to extend the direct impact HHS has as well as its indirect reach through working with other organizations.

For all, everything about our children’s programs is a win, win situation.

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Helping Animals & Children get back on their feet.