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Sheba with friend Purple Cow

Sheba with friend Purple Cow


The world of living with animals with disabilities is often a new one for many people. This section should provide some general answers as well as specific information on some issues. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out Resources, Programs, and Services.

If you don’t find the answer you need here or on our site, feel free to contact us:

Why work with disabled animals when there are so many normal animals that need help?

Just because you might be handicapped does not mean you don’t want to live. It also doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful and meaningful life.

The desire to live and thrive shown by the animals that come here is simply astounding. And they have something to show us, too: how to be grateful for the help we receive, to live each day to the fullest, and not to feel sorry for ourselves; just to name a few.

These and many other lessons are learned by the children, and children at heart, who come here to help with the animals. And when the animals are offsite visiting other areas, the joy they bring to people’s lives is evident in the wake that follows once we’ve passed. We all have a purpose.

It hurts my heart to see them this way; how do you stand it?

Yes, it usually does at first, then you get to know them and see how alive and happy they are.We spend so much of our time as human beings trying not to feel anything and the only way in the opinion of Executive Director Laura Bradshaw to get this world back on track is not to shut down more but to open our hearts, using them, exercising them.

Feeling bad, briefly, is not always a bad thing especially when the next moment is transformed into joy. That’s what typically happens here or with those who met the wonderful animals of Healing HEART Sanctuary.

The sad frown turns to tears of joy and inspiration; or just a simple smile. We see it over and over again.

Where do you find the animals?

The animals at Healing HEART Sanctuary come from all over the country. Many of the animals we work with come via Best Friends Animal Society.

Sometimes it’s a private person who contacts us but quite often it’s a rescue or sanctuary that needs help with a particular animal.

I’d really like to adopt one of your precious animals but sadly I cannot. Is there any other way I can help?

Yes, there are many ways. Donations are always wonderful and a special way of donating is to “virtually adopt” one of our crew.

You get to call them your own, only they live here. You get more inside info on them and definitely access to more photos.

We also have a Wish List which may contain items that you aren’t using and you might having lying around the house that we could use. Volunteering is also great.

There are so many ways but this should be a good start.

How come only some animals are up for adoption and not all are?

Remember we have more than one part to our program here at Healing HEART Sanctuary.

We always want to have animals onsite for when we work with children as well as for outreach. Often much of the outreach work for animals might involve the participation of some of our Sanctuary Kids.

Plus some of the animals have gotten so attached to living here and with Laura that pulling them from this situation may not be in their best interest, emotionally. Don’t worry we will always have wonderful animals that are looking for a great and loving home. Plus there are many great animals with disabilities throughout the country that need loving forever homes.

I know of an animal that needs your help, what is the process for getting them accepted into your program?

The best place to start is with calling or emailing Executive Director Laura Bradshaw to find out if we can help. Next, we have a placement committee that has the final decision on whether an animal is accepted. Finally, if accepted, arrangements need to be made to get the animal to Kanab.

We are still a small organization, and sadly we cannot take on every injured or disabled animal out there. We have to be very careful that we don’t get so many that we cannot properly take care of them all. Rest assured though, we are growing.

How can I get regular updates on what's  happening at Healing HEART Sanctuary?

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