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Sam close-up

Sam close-up
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 Xena walking

Xena walking

Rainbow Bridge is a term commonly used within the animal world for where animals go after they die.

The reality of Healing HEART Sanctuary and especially for Executive Director Laura Bradshaw is that not every animal that comes to HHS makes it. HHS often takes the animals which many other organizations can’t or aren’t equipped to handle.

Laura is a wonderful caretaker and will explore every option of treating an animal to give it every chance of living a long-term quality of life. In some cases, sadly we still lose our friends.

What’s most interesting is to see what experience or life lesson a specific animal gifts us with. To see for yourself, check out the stories of these incredible animals:

What is undeniable is that at Healing HEART Sanctuary, each animal had the best shot at living life to the fullest. If the animal did not pass on of its own accord, when the time came that it was obvious the animal wasn’t going to make it, Laura made the tough decision to humanely euthanize the animal. After the grieving, comes the celebration of the animal’s life and joys, as there is always joy in each life.

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