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Scooter-Boots visiting Paws of the Planet

Scooter-Boots visiting Paws of the Planet
Photo credit: Laurel Ley


Scooter-Boots in her Eddie’s wheels cart

Scooter-Boots in her Eddie’s wheels cart


Scooter-Boots cuddling with her best friend Fanny

Scooter-Boots cuddling with her best friend Fanny


Scooter-Boots Le Mew: Miss Manners

Scooter-Boots is a kitten whose back was broken by a dog shaking her violently when she was just a few months old. You’d think she would be scared of dogs after that but she’s not. In fact her first buddies after the incident were a pair of Bull Mastiffs that she lived with. She loved to scoot herself around chasing them; hence, the first half of her name. “Boots” was her name before the attack because she has the most gorgeous thigh high go-go boot pattern on her back legs. “Le Mew” got added because she can have the exact same horrified look on her face, when she wants, as the cat from the Pepe Le Pew cartoons, and Executive Director Laura Bradshaw thought that that was her name.

Poor Scooter-Boots came to Healing HEART Sanctuary right at the time when Laura had a lot of traveling scheduled. Because Laura was the only one who had successfully pottied Scooter-Boots at the sanctuary, she needed to go with Laura who wasn’t sure how’d she take traveling. Scooter-Boots loved it, much to Laura’s surprise! Scooter-Boots has been to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and Phoenix. Some locations more than once, and never once complained. She can make herself right at home at every stop. Laura has never met another cat like her, in that department. Scooter-Boots' only request is for a scratch around the ears. Since her legs are not yet fully working she cannot scratch herself and needs human assistance, preferably one with long nails. Well, and she’d like to sit in someone’s lap where she can observe the outside world. Also, an easily accommodated request.

Scooter-Boots gets treatments with the Infratonic sound wave machine and practice daily in holding her own weight up while standing. Eddie’s Wheels graciously sent a tiny cart for her (a Chihuahua cart) and then wonderfully sent another, as she out grew it so fast. Her favorite place to cart is in the front yard where bugs and butterflies keep her fully entertained.

Scooter-Boots’ nickname is Miss Manners because she is so polite everywhere she goes. When she wants your attention she’ll gently tap you on the leg as if to say, “Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt, but could I have a little attention?”

Her legs make all the motions they should, she’s just not up on them yet…but we’re working on it! It’s almost as if she doesn’t realize she should be using them; she’s happy with the dual life she leads, cart and no cart. She does still require being expressed multiple times a day; and this likely will not change for the remainder of her life. She is on regular supplements as well as Plechner’s Protocol.

If you think you must have this cuteness-and-joy in your life, contact us and we’ll go from there.

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