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Cha Cha on hike

Cha Cha on hike


Laura & Helen when young

Laura & Helen when young





With the right tools our bodies can heal anything. The following are some really good tools that Executive Director Laura Bradshaw has utilized in the past few years.

Being a non-profit that works with injured and /or disabled animals, vets bills could be our biggest financial expense related to the animals, so keeping them as healthy as possible is important to our fiscal stewardship.

Some of the products we’ve used over the years and found much success with include the following.

Limu has an ingredient not found in any land-based plant, Fucoidan, which is harvested from a brown seaweed called Limu Moui. Fucoidan has over 70 nutrients in it and has been likened to a mother’s colostrum in terms of health benefits.

It has also had over 600 independent 3rd party studies conducted with it, mostly to do with cancer. At HHS, we “people tested” the product first and had some amazing results, especially with reduction of pain. Since it could do no harm to the animals, we began using it with them. The most consistent external benefit so far has been super soft fur; even the ones who already had soft fur, got softer.

But most striking has been the change for Cha Cha. It took 1 ½ years of diligent work to finally identify a food Cha Cha could eat without causing ongoing digestive problems (that’s the polite version of some of the worst of it). Once her diet was stabilized, Cha Cha could have NO snacks, not even the tiniest bit of anything without likely sending her digestive tract into a tail spin, and sometimes for up to 2 weeks. After going on the Limu, Cha Cha is thrilled that she can now enjoy periodic snacks, just like everyone else in the household.

Vibe is a nutraceutical that has done many wonderful things, most importantly boosting the immune system so that it may fight off disease or heal itself. Consisting of just vitamins, minerals, and flower essences, it is all natural and in a liquid ionic form, the best form to absorb into the body.

When Helen first came to Healing HEART Sanctuary, she was severely malnourished. As a result, she was primarily blind and could not walk. Executive Director Laura Bradshaw took a practical approach and started working on the nutritional elements of Helen’s diet. It wasn’t too long before it was clear that Helen was beginning to regain some of her eyesight and she’s now the prettiest prancer around. Vibe was instrumental in Helen’s progress.

Booster is certified organic red palm fruit oil with the addition of patented monolaurin (monoglyceride of a fatty acid) for nontoxic antimicrobial activity. It has a high antioxidant content, is a non-synthetic source of 6 forms of vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols), is a whole food source of carotenoids (precursor to natural vitamin A, including alpha- and beta-carotene), is a natural, rich source of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) compared to other oils, contains a good balance of fatty acids and is a vegetable oil that is more stable than flax oil.

Booster may help eliminate recurrent infections without the use of antibiotics; also works well in conjunction with antibiotic protocols, support healing of conditions affecting the skin and plumage, such as dermatitis or feather-picking, benefit the animal’s skin, eyes, heart and immune system by strengthening the overall nutritional status, improve the effectiveness of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, contribute to decreased risk of chronic diseases.

At HHS, we’ve successfully used Booster with a number of animals. Most striking is Santosa’s story; Booster made all the world of difference in her treatment.

We all likely have a practical lesson to learn from Helen’s story as it relates to nutrition. Proper nutrition provides the solid foundation for maximum health. As you’ll read in Helen’s story she did not have the benefit of proper nutrition and thus her basic development suffered for it. From Helen, we also learned that for those with a compromised immune system, liquid supplements provide for easier absorption into the body. Plus it can be so much easier than trying to “pill” an unwilling dog. If you have experienced that fun, no further explanation is necessary.

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