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Fanny comforting Tigaroo who had sound wave treatment

Fanny comforting Tigaroo who had a treatment


Gil getting Infratonic treatment
Gil getting Infratonic treatment
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Taj benefitted from sound wave therapy

Taj benefitted from sound wave therapy


At Healing HEART Sanctuary, our Executive Director Laura Bradshaw has had much success with this machine, from accelerated healing to the releasing of scar tissue.

It is a chaotic sound wave frequency machine. Unlike ultrasound that you have to be very careful with and licensed to use, the Infratonic is benign and can be used 24 hours a day. It’s often described as a tuning fork for the body. We are all made up of frequency and when we’re in perfect health, we are vibrating at perfect frequency and when we’re not, we aren’t. The Infratonic helps our bodies to remember what perfect frequency is and the healing begins.

Three controlled studies have been conducted on race horses.Other studies and related research is also available.

Testimonials tell of how this machine will release scar tissue and now our Executive Director can tell you first hand that it does. Laura had a friend that had had a mastectomy from breast cancer and her chest was rock hard and tight due to scar tissue. This friend also had a vertebra in her neck that was bothering her so she asked if she could try the Infratonic on her neck. Within 10 minutes she was screaming with excitement because all the scar tissue in her chest had released immediately and it felt like nice soft flesh again, an unexpected but happy side effect.

Case Study
Another HHS story is of a dog from Best Friends that Healing HEART Sanctuary was doing water therapy with. Prior to our work with him, the dog had had hip surgery on one side of his body but when they went in to do the other side there was too much scar tissue to be able to do anything, so the second surgery was postponed. The thigh on the one leg that took most of his weight most of the time was about 4" thick and the other leg (the one without surgery) was only about 1” thick. He limped and hopped in order to favor his weak leg.

Then we got word that Best Friends had scheduled the dog again for surgery on his bad hip in about 4 weeks time; there was some reason that they felt they could now get around the scar tissue. We were thrilled because they had seen what the scar tissue looked like in there and if we used the Infratonic up to the point of surgery they could tell us, definitively, whether the scar tissue had released.

He came 3 times a week for treatment for about 30 minutes a time. To our amazement the thigh on his weak leg began to muscle up, his entire gait changed to where you could not tell which leg was the one he had favored before. He appeared almost perfectly normal.

The day before the surgery Best Friends canceled it, saying that they didn’t expect him to have gotten as good as he had, even with the surgery, so why put him through it. He was soon adopted and the adopting family thankfully bought an Infratonic so that they could continue with his progress.

How HHS Can Help
As long as your pet has been seen by your vet and sound wave therapy is recommended Healing HEART Sanctuary can help out. Contact HHS for rates and schedule, if you’re in the area.

Healing HEART Sanctuary uses both the Infratonic 8 and 8000 machines put out by Sound Vitality. If you order a machine through them please mention Healing HEART Sanctuary at your time of purchase as we participate in their Affiliate program.

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