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Snowflake, Gizmo, Dorie & Sheba in shavings pond

Snowflake, Gizmo, Dorie & Sheba


Scooter-Boots & Fanny in pet bed

Scooter-Boots & Fanny in pet bed


Laura, Cha Cha, Helen & Precious on walk

Laura, Cha Cha, Helen & Precious on walk
Photo credit: Molly Wald

Sanctuary Kids are those animals which for a variety of reasons are more likely long-term or permanent residents at Healing HEART Sanctuary (HHS).

It may be that the animal has special needs that are best addressed at HHS. Or some animals have completed their rehab needs but are great ambassadors for the sanctuary; they may work well in facilitating the healing of other animals. Or they may provide an enriching experience for the children who are able to come visit the sanctuary. In any case, they must all have a willingness to be here or wonderful adoptive families are found for them.

Our Sanctuary Kids are quite special but we may be biased:

There are ongoing volunteer needs if you are able to spend some time on behalf of HHS.

Many have long-term treatment or special diets that they'll need for the remainder of their lives. Additionally, there are the ongoing costs of operating the sanctuary to support this environment for the animals. If you’d like to support our work, we offer many opportunities to donate.

For those who have fallen in love with a specific animal and wants to help a bit more, you can Sponsor a Resident.

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