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Precious kissing child with Cha Cha

Precious kissing child with Cha Cha
Photo credit: Molly Wald


Precious playing with boy

Precious playing with boy
Photo credit: José Pico


Ally kissing Ryan in wheelchair

Ally kissing Ryan in wheelchair


One of the issues we’ve encountered at Healing HEART Sanctuary has been getting children to the Sanctuary, here in rural Southern Utah. As a result, we have developed a plan for getting more of our animals out to the places where they may be needed most (i.e. children’s facilities, hospices, etc); and we are developing programs which can be brought to other communities and used by other like-minded organizations.

Healing HEART Sanctuary is making contact with many groups in the surrounding areas of St. George and Cedar City, Utah as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. A transportation vehicle is being designed for traveling with the animals to these locations. If you have a vehicle that you feel might be appropriate or you would like to donate or if you would like to donate specifically to the transport vehicle fund, please contact us.

Healing HEART Sanctuary also has a long-term plan of helping more than in just the local area. For that, the MATT (Mobile Animal Therapy Teams) Program is in the early stages of development, of which Healing HEART Sanctuary and its disabled animal team will be just one part in a much larger picture. The greater Los Angeles area will be our test market.

MATT Program
The Mobile Animal Therapy Team program was inspired by The Sam Simon Foundation Hearing Dog Program. The MATT program will utilize rescue dogs in danger of being euthanized in local animal shelters and train them to become therapy animals that will benefit society by visiting hospices and children’s facilities, until they find their forever homes.

HHS will partner with local animal organizations to expand its capacity.

The dogs chosen for this program will have their basic training initially done by at-risk teens in facilities. Upon graduation the dogs will receive further training taking them to the “Therapy Animal” level.

They will then travel to facilities to be of service to people of all ages that might need a lick, or a hug, or a giggle, to make their situation better.

Some of the dogs may even qualify to become service animals and will then move on to train with local groups who support service animals for the blind, hearing impaired, and/or autistic children, just to name a few.

All dogs in the program will be available for adoption, which keeps them flowing out of the shelters.

“Out of the shelters and into our hearts” (society); and then into your heart, as a well trained family pet.

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