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Miss T getting her spa treatment

Miss T getting her spa treatment
Photo credit: José Pico


Spring Flower in Kanab, Utah

Spring Flower in Kanab, Utah
Photo credit: Molly Wald


Precious being cute, again

Precious being cute, again
Photo credit: Molly Wald


We are always looking for new ways in which to help the animals. Here are a few more treatments and therapies used by Executive Director Laura Bradshaw both at the sanctuary and in our outreach.

The Q Energy Spa®
The Q ENERGY Spa is based on the principle that all living matter contains a "bio-charge" or bio-energy. This energy is what enables all the systems of the body to operate. The efficiency of operation of these systems within our bodies is determined by the energy level of our body. When the body has a high energy level, all the body’s systems will operate efficiently as a collective whole, allowing the body to regenerate at its peak. However, much like a battery, our energy levels do not stay at a fixed level. The lifestyles we lead and the toxins we breathe and ingest means that many of us are depleting our body's natural resources, increasing the likelihood of falling prey to various exposures. The Q Energy Spa® was created to rebalance and amplify the bio-electric signature of your body and is the only available Bio-Energy device capable of creating the necessary complex field interactions within the water.

At HHS, we have seen many positive experiences with the Q Energy Spa and are currently collecting data for the company based on our work with the animals.

Colloidal Sliver
If made, handled, and administered properly Colloidal Sliver can be a wonderful tool for healing. At HHS, we make our own using our Sota Instruments Sliver Pulser machine.

Colloidal Sliver is one of nature’s germ fighters and was originally introduced to Executive Director Laura Bradshaw as an all natural antibiotic. Sprayed on cuts and scrapes, a common occurrence around HHS, infections are kept at bay.

The Plechner Protocol
If you haven’t read the book “Pets at Risk” by Alfred J. Plechner, DVM (with Martin Zucker), we highly recommend it. Helen and Precious are both on this protocol and both have shown great improvement.

We attribute this protocol for saving Precious’ life once. Precious’ immune system crashed and she became allergic to everything. In a very short period of time, she became very itchy and scabs appeared all over her body, Executive Director Laura Bradshaw assumed it was from scratching but they were even in places Precious could not reach.

Precious got to the point where when she would get too itchy she would go into seizures. One vet figured it to be Demodex Mange but the typical treatment did nothing for her. At one point, it was thought that the sanctuary would lose her as she was up to about 10 seizures a day. Laura consulted with an animal nutritionist and it was recommended she read “Pets at Risk” and test Precious right away. Kanab’s local vet Dr. Kathy Backus already happened to be working with Dr. Plechner and this protocol so Laura took Precious immediately to Dr. Kathy. It was amazing! Within 24 hours of receiving treatment, all seizures were gone and Precious was no longer itchy. Within 48 hours most of the scabs had even cleared. It was as if she had never had a problem.. We were amazed to say the least. Precious’ blood work came back and it was a classic example of what Dr. Plechner explains in his book.

Please note: If you purchase the book online, we ask that you consider not ordering from Amazon as they continue to allow the sale of books on dog fighting, even though it is illegal and clearly inhumane.

Healing HEART Sanctuary happily human tests all protocols before they are used on the animals. If it will work for us and is not deemed harmful in anyway to them, we will give it a try.

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