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Precious in her Eddie’s Wheels cart

Precious in her Eddie’s Wheels cart


Thank you for your interest in helping to support the animals and people of Healing HEART Sanctuary (HHS).

There are many ways to contribute to HHS and all are just as valuable to our operation in helping animals and children. Without the support of generous people such as you, we couldn’t be doing the work we do.

However you choose to assist, we thank you for caring so much:

Another way you can help is to share this page with friends who may be interested in supporting HHS. And while sharing with them how you feel about Healing HEART Sanctuary you can invite them to participate as well.

We’re obviously passionate about what we do. Not only for the sake of the animals at the sanctuary but also on behalf of the literally thousands of animals we’ve assisted since 2003 in our disaster response programs and outreach services since 2003.

Increased funding will help the sanctuary expand its programs partnering with other organizations. We are always supportive of the work other groups do as we believe collaboration is key to all of us collectively improving the world for animals as well as humans and animals. To that, we kindly ask that you please do not donate with HHS if you are going to redirect money from another organization who is counting on your donation. While we appreciate your support and can utilize your donation, we don’t want to benefit at the expense of any other group. While this may seem like an unusual strategy to some; it’s part of our commitment to collaboration as we believe that there’s enough to go around.

One way we’re working to provide ongoing financial stability month-to-month is to invite all visitors to our website to become one of Andy’s Friends by signing up for our monthly donor club.

We appreciate your support. And the animals thank you.

Healing HEART Sanctuary is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are wonderfully tax-deductible and well appreciated.

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