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Cha Cha’s foster family

Cha Cha’s foster family


If you have a heart of gold and can also open your house and family to one of our special needs pets, then you are very blessed indeed. As we are blessed because loving homes are what makes our work all the more special.

The special pets that currently need the perfect home are:

It’s interesting to see how adoptive homes happen. For example, Princess Denia/Sophie was adopted by the flight attendants who helped her get to HHS from New Jersey. They had experience with special needs pets and the first night after the flight they had already begun to fall for her. We’ve worked with foster and adoptive homes to assist them in their own areas to make sure they have the support they need for when they may travel.

If you are interesting in considering adopting one of HHS’ special needs pets, the next steps would be to contact us. If after speaking, the adoption looks to be a fit, our next step would be to schedule a home visit and then go from there.

Another way to help is to be available as a foster home. We’ve been fortunate to have a few great homes. Having a foster network extends our capacity to consider adding animals under our umbrella of care. In order to qualify as a foster home, one thing you must have besides the willingness to work with special pet needs is to the ability to let the animal be adopted into a forever adoptive home screened and qualified by HHS. Too often organizations lose their foster network because the foster homes realize that they can’t let the animal move on to the next home. And with less foster homes, we could be limited in our ability to help an animal. That said, many experienced foster homes including board member Laurel Ley will tell you it’s one of the most rewarding experience of their lives.

If you can’t adopt or foster at this time but want to do something to support one of our animals waiting for adoption, consider sponsoring an animal and/or becoming one of Andy’s Friends, our monthly donors. Or check out our Wish List.

Oftentimes the new animals coming in require additional testing and/or medical care which is not directly available at Healing HEART Sanctuary. Our ability to help additional animals is dependent on the support of the Sanctuary’s friends such as you.

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