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Volunteers with Itty & Bitty

Volunteers with Itty & Bitty


Volunteer opportunities abound at Healing HEART Sanctuary!

Come open your heart, join the other volunteers who we are extremely grateful for, and enjoy the experience.

As you’ll see, the smallest amount of need is working directly with the animals. There’s a minimum amount of support which needs to happen almost daily around the sanctuary; and it’s more work than one might think. Additionally, administrative work is needed every few days, and especially as we reach to grow our capacity.

Some of the many glamorous jobs include, but are not limited to:

Around the sanctuary (and a beautiful location it is):

  • Cleaning
  • General maintenance
  • Laundry
  • Painting
  • Poop scooping

Administrative and Office Support:

  • Blogging
  • List management
  • Paperwork
  • P.R. and news management
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Website updates, requires experience with Dreamweaver, Contribute, and/or Flash
    • General understanding of HTML, FTP, and image preparation. Familiar with Dreamweaver (or just HTML); Photoshop/Fireworks or similar image program.
    • Basic Flash a separate need

Working with the animals:

  • Animal care on a regular basis
  • Animal care while Executive Director is traveling

And many more including as part of our volunteer team for the Chariots of Fur event.

You need not commit on a daily or even weekly basis, although that is always appreciated. Often we have special projects which are on a one-time basis. Other needs are on-going. Our only request is that if you have committed to taking on a project and committed to a time, that you fulfill that commitment. It makes it much easier for us to plan.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are able to assist. The animals will be happy to have visitors who have obviously come for them, even if your job really has nothing directly to do with the animals.

And we thank you in advance for your assistance. Healing HEART Sanctuary is enriched because of your interest.

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