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Precious sleeping with toys

Precious sleeping with toys


Precious in her Eddie’s Wheels cart

Precious in her Eddie’s Wheels cart


Precious with treat

Precious with treat

Precious: Miss Rough and Tumble

Precious’ life started with a bang, quite literally. At the age of one week old, her back was broken. She was either dropped or stepped on but either way it changed her little life forever. Precious went from being just another Rottweiler in Waveland, Mississippi (post Katrina) to a wonderfully spoiled celebrity.

Executive Director Laura Bradshaw arranged for Precious to be brought to Healing HEART Sanctuary from Mississippi when she was just 3 to 4 weeks old. After hearing of her story Paul Berry, Best Friends’ CEO, offered to make Precious a Best Friends Guardian Angel with Healing HEART Sanctuary as her foster. This allowed for much more diagnostic testing than HHS may have been able to afford at that time. Precious became an overnight celebrity being featured on the Best Friends Guardian Angels pages with the amazing photos of her therapy and carts, and by just plain growing up.

The specialists in Las Vegas concluded that her spine was indeed broken and that she would never have the use of her back legs. In fact, Laura was told Precious would end up deformed as the muscles that pull the leg backward were not getting signal, and the muscles pulling the leg forwards would continue to pull until her legs deformed.

Precious has received water therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, T Touch, sound wave technology, and massage, just to name a few. She’s on the Plechner Protocol, which Laura believes saved Precious’ life at one point. Precious is now taking Limu, a supplement that aids the body in healing itself. Laura is glad to report that her legs have not deformed and that Precious can use them. Although the legs are stiff and straight Precious can walk on them for limited periods of time, similar to stilts.

After being horribly afraid of her first cart Precious is the daredevil of Healing HEART Sanctuary! Now a permanent member of the clan she flies over stairs, literally takes flight, and can skid out with the best of them; only sometimes crashing, and all the while shining the biggest smile on Earth. She’s a champion at tug of war, even with bigger dogs who don’t have disabilities.

Precious loves life, she loves people, and she loves other animals of all kinds. And Precious especially loves Helen, her best friend and comrade-in-arms.

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